The Swarn Mandap (2000 sq feet) with a maximum capacity of 100 people, is a fully air-conditioned hall with two separate entrances.

Welcome to Sapphire, the pinnacle of sophistication at Hotel Swarn Towers. With dimensions spanning 49 feet 9 inches in length and 44 feet 4.5 inches in width, Sapphire accommodates gatherings of 50 to 80 guests with ease. Whether it's an intimate soirée or a grand celebration, Sapphire provides a versatile space for any occasion. Our dedicated team ensures meticulous attention to detail, from personalized décor to exquisite catering, ensuring an unforgettable event where every moment shines with brilliance. Choose Sapphire for your next gathering and experience unmatched elegance and seamless execution in every aspect of your event.

Coverage Area Size:2207 sq.ft

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