Hotel Swarn Towers

Within close proximity of the railway station lies Hotel Swarn Towers, the most opulent and luxurious hotel in the city of Bareilly. The hotel entrance seems to welcome its guests with its sprawling lawn and significant fountain spraying against the towering background of the hotel. The property has the most extensive open-area in comparison to all the hotels in the city. The ambiance of the foyer embraces you with a golden embrace, a characteristic reflected in the name….. “Swarn”. The hotel caters primarily to domestic corporate travelers and seeks to attend to their every need. In addition it hosts international travelers and has been the preference of many dignitaries and celebrities. The hotel was presented a letter of appreciation by the President of India, His Excellency K.R. Narayanan.

Choose from our selection of two floor types Executive & Platinum and variety of rooms i.e. Luxury Executive room, Executive Mini Suite, Presidential Suite, Platinum mini suite,Platinum Executive.

Sleek and modern furnishings have been selected with supreme comfort in mind… The rich cardinal colors of the curtains, throws & cushions compliment the elegance of stylish interiors - a vibrant fusion of warmth and comfort.



The Swarn Mandap (2000 sq feet) with a maximum capacity of 100 people, is a fully air-conditioned hall with two separate entrances. The hall can be divided into two parts and may be used for two different events at one time.
The Mansion (3600 sq feet ) with a maximum capacity for 250-300 people, is also a fully air-conditioned hall. The Mahal is an independent building adjacent to the hotel and is connected to a patio which allows one to extend the capacity for the event. Furthermore, the two halls can be connected the front garden of the hotel, an option which is ideal for the Grand Indian Wedding as the hotel is lit in the background with all its grandeur and a beautiful fountain welcomes the guests as they arrive.
3. Private Affair
Private Affair is one of the most popular venues at Hotel Swarn Towers for small parties and get-togethers. Our guests prefer it to host small dinner parties, Ladki Dikhai as well as conferences for 10-30 people . The venue consists of an air-conditioned hall and extends to a patio terrace overlooking the lush green lawns of the hotel.
4. Deja Vu Lounge
Deja Vu Lounge - the word means something that seems familiar but one is witnessing for the first time! As you enter, you can witness a sprawling courtyard with the majestic off-white Hotel Swarn Towers in the background. A spacious area to sit and relax under the sky when the weather is just perfect! The area is cooled by a misting system and coolers so that you're comfortable as you watch a massive LED screen to display all live sporting events!
5. Svelte-The Platinum Gym
Svelte is located on the top floor of the hotel and overlooks the city. It has an open area guests can make the most of during pleasant weather. There's a personal trainer available in the morning and evening for professional and personalised assistance.
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